Black Zodiac

Nothing extra - just the beauty of a celestial ornament

The starry sky above the head captivated ancient people, enthralled Kant and equally fascinates us.

"I wanted to make the sky closer. "Black Zodiac", my most enigmatic collection, is dedicated to those constellations which have been the most important for humans, evoking mystical awe and unfading interest for thousands of years.
I purposely avoided any mythological symbols so as to present the natural beauty of the celestial pattern by projecting the unique outline of each constellation from the three-dimensional space to two-dimensional plane.
The brighter the stars of the constellation, the more expressive are their signs depicted as circles, depressions and craters. Nothing superfluous. The beauty of the sky ornament is revealed by the play of light and shadow. A rectangle and a circle are the only forms used, corresponding to the basic symbols of the male and female elements, at different types of products: rings, pendants, bracelets, watches."
Igor Pinigin